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Asset Recovery Programs

Auction Podium Asset Recovery Programs

Auction Podium’s staff has successfully served their clients by bringing qualified buyers and sellers together. Our asset recovery programs maximize returns for sellers based on the type of equipment, size of the liquidation event, size of the bidder pool, and other considerations involving timing or legal issues.

Date-specific auctions work well for most auctions and offer the best mix of maximum return and quick turnaround. Date-specific auctions are also highly compliant with business regulatory requirements that pertain to certain justifications for asset sales.

Auction Podium utilizes several auction methodologies and technologies to increase return and maximize bidder convenience. We offer on-line auctions. We also conduct negotiated private treaty sales with or without specific time deadlines.

Below is a brief description of each auction type.

Please refer to the specific requirements and conditions for each sale’s bidding, payment and equipment removal arrangements.

On-line Auctions

Certain offerings require a multi-regional and international buying audience. Auction Podium allows sellers to reach regional domestic and international potential bidders by extending the sale far beyond the facility itself. Auction Podium sales are smoothly conducted with all the convenience the Internet has to offer.

On-line auctions enable remote bidders to compete in real-time with bidders onsite. Auction Podium technology and methodology has been battle tested in the field and proven worthy over time. On-line auctions offer a major benefit to anyone needing to acquire capital equipment with all the advantages brought to bear in the global marketplace.

Bidders may preview or inspect the equipment in person or contract with a third-party. To obtain a bidder number for a specific sale, you must register on-line and provide all necessary information.

On-line Auction Payments

After the sale, on-line buyers are emailed their invoices and can securely on-line, or pay through wire transfer or by a bank-guaranteed check or money order delivered next-day to our main office. Taxes and buyer's premiums (a service fee paid to Auction Podium) are adjusted based on the buyer's tax class and payment methodology. Once full payment has been verified by our office, buyers can remove their equipment or arrange for the services of an approved rigging, packing or shipping company


Auction Podium Asset Recovery Programs
Auction Podium Asset Recovery Programs
Auction Podium Asset Recovery Programs
Auction Podium Asset Recovery Programs
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